Todd Kincannon…

I know he’s trying to get a rise out of people… WELL that shit worked. Todd Kincannon you are a racist pasty prick. You can claim 2nd Amendment all you want, what you said was uncalled for, what does sucking dick and Trayvon Martin to do with the superbowl? So because you learned that he allegedly used drugs (which was most likely weed) he was always gonna end up in JAIL AND SUCKING DICK for drug money!? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING? How the FUCKKKKK do you say he needed to be put down like a RABID DOG? AND you just had to pull this BITCH ASS STUNT on what would be his 18th birthday? How the fuck do you disrespect a dead child? How do you disrespect his already grieving family? Now if someone were to say something  EVEN REMOTELY NEGATIVE ABOUT THE SANDYHOOK VICTIMS IT WOULD BE PLASTERED ALL OVER THE NEWS AND ALL OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS!  I don’t know why I’m still surprised by what people say anymore but this truly disgusted and disturbed me. Clearly this man has no morals. I don’t care what political party you are affiliated with BOTH parties need to clean up shop and take out the trash ASAP starting with Ann Coulter and Todd Kincannon. POST RACIAL AMERICA MY ASS! Post Racial America is a myth and things won’t change until we ALL realize we are the all the FUCKING same.

*Drops Mic* 

Posted: Tue February 5th, 2013 at 3:19pm
Tagged: Trayvon Martin Todd Kincannon Ann Coulter Post Racial America Myth
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